Culture X Religion

“Who is Virgin Guadalupe?” I asked my partner.


Ok so I am not an enthusiast on world cultures neither religion, however I am an open person who is fascinated learning about them. SO, here’s one for you all, Día de la virgin Guadalupe!

“Día WHAT!????” You may ask.

According to tradition, Día de la Virgin Guadalupe is when Virgin Guadalupe appeared to a young man by the name of Juan Diego in 1531. She asked that a shrine be built in her name in the spot where she appeared, Tepeyac Hill in Mexico. Diego went on to tell the bishop about the request, the bishop did not believe him and demanded some type of sign to show proof. WELL, on the 12 of December Virgin Guadalupe reappeared to him and told him to collect roses and put it in his cloak. As Diego did, he went to the bishop and opened his cloak, which fell a dozens of roses and on the inside of his cloak revealed an image of Virgin Guadalupe. The cloak with the image of is on display in Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico.

 This leads me to my experience!

On December 11, 2016 Yuba City, CA closed down several blocks of the town in respect of the Hispanic holiday. It started with crowds of people on every street corner awaiting for the sound of music to pass them by. Sooner than I realized, a giant crowd was walking in the middle of the road. Men and Women dressed in traditional heritage clothing, some were walking barefoot through the street, Mariachi bands singing a playing music throughout the walk, and lastly, people holding up images and statues of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The best experience of all, was joining the walk myself. Even though I wasn’t fully aware of the story, I was able to feel the strength and excitement exerting throughout the crowd. Being the person on the inside looking out, I saw families that are non-hispanic decent sitting outside with their family on lawn chairs watching the parade go by with smiles on their face. Also, not to mention a few joining the parade themselves. The thrill that went through me at that moment was beyond what I can describe. This community showed me that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what culture you are from, there will always be room for you.

Thanks, Yuba City for a great cultural experience! Below are a few photos I captured to share with you all! Enjoy, I know I did.





Herman Wong once said, “You must be aware that no matter how compassionate you are in your character, you will still find someone claiming otherwise.”

There will always be someone or something trying to eliminate you from finishing what you want to accomplish, but the question we let it get in our way of striving? You are correct! The answer is no, why settle for a star when you can have the universe? Fear almost seems limitless, but it can be eliminated.

To be continued…

Breaking free


“What is this feeling that I’m having? I knew it was time.”

Remains anonymous: “Now that you two aren’t together anymore, how are you feeling?” 

I: Great.

I knew that wasn’t a lie. Or was it? There I was sitting at my desk on the phone with a friend as they asked me that very question. I took one deep breath before I answered that question as simple as I could, although, it seemed much more complex in my mind. All it took was one simple question that took me back to several days, weeks, months, a couple years maybe, into my nostalgia of us.

I was collecting my thoughts…the only thing at that moment that was replaying in my head was her question. I could feel the chills from the back of my neck slowly creeping to the bottom of my spine. It felt as if I came from a warm soothing comfortable room to entering a room that was cold as ice. I could feel the little hairs on my arm just stand up as if I’ve just seen something morbid. “What is this feeling I’m having?” I silently thought to myself. I can still hear her on the phone as I’m consciously focusing out. My mind, memory, and thoughts, took me back.

It feels like yesterday when we first met, I will never forget the first words we exchanged with each other. I knew he was trying to get my attention the very day I finally acknowledged him. The way we connected with each other was like no other. There was so much chemistry between us, it was like ionic bonds. Nevertheless, as time went on things started to change. So did we. The feeling after we broke up was horrible. It left me cold, and empty. Every time I’d think about him it felt like my heart was being ripped out from my body, frozen in ice, and then thrown on the floor which shattered into thousands of pieces, repetitively. Or that sickness feeling I’d get in my stomach where I would just want to lie down in fetal position. It was that uncomfortable disbelief..

Just to think this wasn’t just anybody, this was someone important to me, someone I deeply cared about. I was in-love..or, well, at least I thought I was. You don’t choose who you fall in-love with, you just do; when I got passed my “upset stage”, I was able to realize I am worth more then how I was being treated. I knew my worth.

I knew the answer I wanted to say, but was I ready to give it? Was this how I really felt, did I officially move on? I thought to myself. As I’m focused out thinking, I can hear my friend calling my name in little microsounds, which then gradually increased. “J? J…J ARE YOU THERE!?”, it sounded like someone turning up the volume on the TV. I felt conscious again. What seemed to be hours in my mind, thinking of how to respond to my friend’s answer, only took me 10 seconds. “Great”, I responded.

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